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Well, you are here, and we wouldn’t have you anywhere else! If you have been searching for adventure companies in India or offbeat and eco-friendly tours, then you have come to the right place.

Trippin Traveller is a curated marketplace for offbeat tours and eco-friendly tours worldwide. We focus on responsible tourism – our tour operators have the best reputations in the business, and we commit to you an experience that is different. We work with tour operators with a focus on responsible tourism, creating memorable itineraries that will give you holidays to cherish for a lifetime.

We handpick all our tours and we offer personalized holiday planning. Our forte is to give you customized offbeat holiday tours. We believe in experiential travel. As a marketplace, we work with some of the best tour operators, handpicked after meticulous research. We like to offer you tours that help you truly understand what “offbeat” really is. It doesn’t merely mean going off-the-beaten-track. For us, offbeat also means responsible. It means understanding local culture, customs, and cuisine. After all, we travel to know more of the world. Not to merely understand it from our own eyes. Check with us if you are that traveler who is looking for an experience.

We are not, however, “budget” tour operators. We take great care to craft you an itinerary. In this era where everything is based on some robotic technology picking out tours for you, we are proud to say that we handcraft all our tours. We don’t offer you a “pick and choose” option on our site for that reason. We like to understand as your travel guides the kind of travel you want to undertake. This takes time and it takes effort. We simply cannot offer you “deals.” Our tours are great value for money and for the experience they offer. Cheap deals, though, we don’t do, clubbing you with 25 others in some impersonal way to see 10 countries in 5 days. Our group tours are small and a great way to start new friendships. Our itineraries are customized to your needs after consultation with our travel experts.

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Featured Offbeat Tours

Offbeat. Eclectic. Travel for the Senses

Don’t wait. There is a world out there waiting to be explored. There is no better tomorrow. There is only the now. Travel the world not because we want to see more, but because we want to learn more. Seek out the hidden treasures. The little hideaway that is tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas. Or that lost cave in Ecuador that echoes with the footprints of a million years. Or just sip a beer and watch the dreamy karst landscape of South China pass you by. We believe in responsible tourism – our tours are handpicked, and we only trust tour operators who are committed to responsible and eco-friendly travel.

Choose Trippin. Because we like to offer you authentic cultural exchanges and beautiful experiences to amazing places. We like to believe we offer you a better way of traveling. Not mass market, but handcrafted and personal.

Why Choose Us

Responsible Travel

We chose our travel operators  with care. They all have a commitment to sustainable travel. To responsible tourism. We offer you handcrafted tours to the most offbeat destinations. Tours that are not just tours, but experiences. When you go on a Trippin experience, we believe that you are promoting the ethics and principles of responsible tourism.

Travel Consultancy

We offer you customized tour packages and carefully curated stays across India and abroad. We work as travel consultants, guides, and planners to make that next vacation of yours a travel-immersive experience. Tired of all the searching online? Leave that to us. We work as your personal travel concierge, helping you deliver the holiday of your dreams.

Curated Tours

At Trippin, we match your requirements with our list of carefully curated travel operators. While we operate a handful of tours, most of our tours are selected and curated after discussion with our network of tour operators. The result is an unmatched customized experience. Tired of the old style of package tours? Try Trippin. It's not packaged. It's just mindful travel.